Ticket release for CARD2 –– Circus on the Edge December 9th to 11th 2015

Circus Arts Research Development - a CLOSE ENCOUNTERS conference

Ticket release for the CARD2 Conference 

The next Conference of Artistic Research in Circus will happen 9th-11th December 2015, with international keynote speakers, workshops, presentations and performances by the leading thinkers and makers in the field.

CARD2 will be a circus conference not just in its content but also its form. So expect to be surprised, delighted, shocked. It will be a shot of mental adrenalin!

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The purpose of the conference is to create a meeting place for international researchers to introduce and share their research, to discuss, demonstrate and provoke, to agree, find collaborators, critical allies and opponents. Furthermore, to illuminate how circus practice have developed and how the field of artistic research differs from research for production.


The first CARD was launched by DOCH, the School of Dance and Circus as a part of the work to demystify artistic research in circus. Since then the first artistic PhD in circus has been awarded, another is underway, post-doctoral research has commenced and ongoing artistic research is producing new knowledge and opening up new critical vistas for the form. In tandem to this development, the will to reassess, research and develop circus practice in the professional sector has grown. There is a recognized need to exchange ideas within the field of circus in order to promote the research basis for circus.

The themes of the conference

Current artistic research projects at DOCH are exploring circus through gender and feminist strategies, circus speech and the prank, psychoanalysis, ethics and the socio-political dimensions of circus, post-queer theory and participatory models of performance. 

CARD2 will be a platform for over 40 international circus artists, critical thinkers and trans-disciplinary researchers. From the initial call for work that could address the notion of the disruptive innovation of circus, the conference is now organised around the themes of Translation, Sensation, Transgression and Transformation.
Round table discussions, artistic research presentations, workshops dealing with innovative practice, circus on film, keynote presentations, active participation/interaction and regular surprises form a part of what we will be presenting.

Bring an anarchic spirit and a rebellious mind to catalyze CARD2 into action!

The conference will be held in English.

Preliminary keynote speakers from within Stockholm University of the Arts:

» Camilla Damkjaer, Head of Research Education
» Jonathan Priest, PhD Candidate in Circus
» Marie-Andrée Robitaille, Senior Lecturer at the Circus Department
» Rolf Hughs, Ph.D. Professor/Head of Research
» John-Paul Zaccarini, Senior Lecturer and PhD at the Circus Department

Confirmed international keynote speakers

Maksim Komaro, Director, Finland
Peta Tait, Ph.D. Professor of Theatre and Drama, La Trobe University Australia. Author of Circus Bodies: Cultural Identity in Aerial Performance
Anne Quentin, Author, Pedagogue, Critic, France

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