Marie-Andrée Robitaille

Head of the Bachelor Programme in Circus at DOCH
Senior Lecturer in Circus
Teaches Performance and Interpretation, Concept and Composition

Marie-Andrée Robitaille is a professional circus artist. In 1998 she start to tour the world as an acrobat with swedish contemporary circus pioneer company Cirkus Cirkör. She introduces her work on the Chinese pole, a discipline that was then practiced only by men.

Through the year she has worked as a circus performer, artistic counselor, instructor/pedagogue, stuntwomen, producer and talent scout for Canadian circus company Cirque Du Soleil. In 2011, she founded CirkusPerspektiv, a circus company based in Stockholm. The company has a repertoire consisting of a series of 10 experimental circus pieces entitled Bêta Tests that has lead to Gynoïdes Circus Female Intelligentisia presented at Orionteatern one of Sweden most avant garde stage in Sweden.

Marie-Andrée Robitaille conducts researches on the agency of women in circus and on modes of composition in circus arts at Stockholm University of the Arts. She has curated two editions of the Women in Circus Consortium, an occasion to meet and discuss the issues related to women in circus. She is currently Senior Lecturer and Head of the Bachelor Programme in Circus at DOCH.

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