Jay Gilligan and Erik Åberg

Lecture/performance: The evolution of concepts

Two of the world’s most innovative jugglers dedicate their work to juggling as an art form. While the two jugglers can testify through their performance of where contemporary juggling is today they also through a series of innovative intake and experimental artwork elaborate on the art form suggesting where juggling can go in the future, as an art form and as a research for human creativity. The two explores concepts that search for new juggling ideas, extending and going beyond the traditional trio of juggling balls, clubs, and rings. Here they present extracts of their innovative work Ghostcubes and expert Newton cradle.

The artists will presents and discuss their artistic processes with eachothers and the audience.

Erik Åberg explores new juggling and the connection between circus and other artistic fields. He has researched how to translate origami paper models to wood and then explored patterns of repeating, mirroring and connecting wooden cubes to form larger structures, that could be manipulated and combined. The collective name for the sculptures is ”Ghostcube” and his film with the same title has been viewed on youtube over one million times.
» Ghostcubes

Jay Gilligan has performed in 30 different countries, touring solo work and collaborating with companies such as The Gandini Juggling Project, Cie Jérôme Thomas, Les 7 doigts de la main, Cirkus Cirkör, and Cirque du Soleil. He is the head teacher of juggling at the Dans och Cirkushögskolan in Stockholm, Sweden, and has recently published a book about contemporary juggling titled "5 Catches." » Read more about Jay Gilligan here
» Newton's cradles

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