Hans von Essen

Lecture: Human behavior and attitdes versus the health/unhealth of the Baltic.

Hans von Essen has more than 20 years´ experience of pedagogic innovation, certification, rural development and projects development, economy and management.

After Master of Science exam in agronomy he worked for two years as teacher and with practical management of the dairy cows at the biodynamic school farm in Järna, Sweden. He participated in formulating the first certification rules for organic animal production and built up a certification system for DEMETER in Sweden. He was also a part of the Rural Development Group that facilitated the conversion of a former Estonian sovchoz to organic farming during the time of the Soviet Union collapse.

Since 2003 Hans von Essen has been working for the BERAS projects and projects development. The aim of the projects is to establish a sustainable cooperation in building up organic agriculture, Sustainable Food Societies and Ecological Regenerative Agriculture.

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