Documentation of CARD: Circus Artistic Research Development

CARD took place at DOCH 22nd – 25th of April 2010 and gathered 60 participants from 12 different countries. CARD consisted of lectures, performances, presentations of methods and emerging artists, and workshops where the participants continued to explore their own and each others’ questions

During five exciting days artists and researchers worked with explorative questions in circus, in order to highlight circus as an art form with the same possibilities and needs of research as other art forms. Participants also discussed if there are certain artistic and methodological questions that are specific to circus.

In this documentation we wish to leave some traces of these discussions. We have put together papers, presentations and reflections on CARD, as well as a visual documentation of the event. However, we do not only hope that this material will give an impression of CARD and the questions that were debated. We hope this documentation will open new questions and discussions, leading to a growing interest in artistic research in circus and pave the way to new meetings and exchanges in the future.

Editors: Andreas Skjönberg, Camilla Damkjaer

Authors: Tilde Björfors, John-Paul Zaccarini, Jean-Michel Guy, Rolf Hughes, Daniel Gulko, Marie-Louise Masreliez, Jacob Cold, Ridi Skotheim Jensen, Stine Degerbøl, Yohann Floch and Bauke Lievens.

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