Close Encounters - Artists on artistic research

This book is the documentary of the gathering "Close Encounters - Artists on artistic research" which took place during five days in April 2007 at the University College of Dance in Stockholm, Sweden.

Why did we do this? The University of Dance is seeking to develop a strategy to integrate higher education and research in dance. In the next few years we will be laying the foundations for a course to train researchers and provide postgraduate study opportunities for artists in the field of dance who wish to develop and enhance their working process. Our aim with the gathering was to stimulate interest in the research being carried out by creative artists as well as providing information about this field - research in dance.

Who wants to know what? In order to find out, we have turned to choreographers working with dance and/or neo circus, who are interested in developing processes of artistic research. How are we to create space for these processes? What need do contemporary artists in dance and neo circus have for an opportunity to carry out research into their art form? How can this work be documented so that others can benefit from it?

Close Encounters gathered forty choreographers and persons in the frontline of artistic research in dance representing eleven countries. The participants met, worked together and listened to each other for five days and the gathering presented four international guest performances, each one of them the result of artistic research.


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