Paz Rojo

PhD Candidate in Choreography
Dance Department

About Paz Rojo (Madrid, 1974).

Paz Rojo is a cultural worker whose activity develops in the field of live arts, movement and choreography. Preceding her PhD project at Stockholm University of the Arts, she initiates “C O R E O G R A F X S” (2010-2013) a critical and experimental framework mainly developed in between Madrid, Barcelona, Sao Paulo and Vienna and which now follows in the context of her PhD in Stockholm. This frame-work includes the itinerant laboratory “choreography: a problem to practice” and the solos, colective-movement-actions, video-essays and lectures “whatever moving like this” (2011); Inaugural Action (2011); “EX POSICION UNIVERSAL (democracy is a psycho-kinetic training)” (2012); “YES WE CANNOT, a pre-formance in the  era of con-fusion” (2012); ‘The Gerries by Gerry’ (2012); “I don´t like community in the same way I don´t like contact-improvisation” (2013) DANCISM (2014); PRE PRODUCTION : MOVEMENT (2014). And the curatorial frames and contexts “[OUTBACK # 1] choreographing dissidence” (2014); “what can a body do?” (2014), what if we let go being (artists)?(2013).

» Read more about Paz Rojos research project as a PhD Candidate.

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