Malin Arnell

PhD Candidate in Choreography
Dance Department

A short presentation of Malin Arnell’s research project as PhD Candidate at DOCH

Working title: My Body Remains the Enduring Reality - Participation Out of Bounds*

Working within a feminist epistemological framework, investigating concepts of intimacy, sexuality, and power, I will explore critical issues of participation in choreographic spaces and situations. What are the relationships between consensus making and the articulation of conflicts in the creation of possible spaces for participation, collectivity and community?

* In sports »out of bounds« refers to being outside the playing boundaries of the field. »My Body Remains the Enduring Reality« is a quotation from Yvonne Rainer.

During 2011-2014 Arnell is a visiting scholar at the » Department of Performance Studies / Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

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