Contemporary Dance Didactics: Explorations in Theory and Practice

Contemporary Dance Didactics: Explorations in Theory and Practice - A CLOSE ENCOUNTERS conference with lecture demonstrations, round table discussions and paper presentations at DOCH in Stockholm, 28-31 October, 2012. For the first time in Scandinavia, DOCH organized a conference on the theory and practice of contemporary dance didactics.

The purpose of the conference was to introduce and share research, discuss, demonstrate and try different forms of dance didactics with participants from Sweden and internationally. Furthermore to illuminate how dance didactics have developed and how this field of  teaching and learning can grow. Many well-known international dance scholars, dance teachers and dance researchers were invited.

The conference was a great success with over 140 participants from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Malta, South Africa, New Zealand, USA and South Korea. During four days we there were 40 lectures, lecture demonstrations and workshops.
We have published an anthology that present the keynote speakers lectures as well as a selection of presentations exemplifying different themes of the conference. The anthology is the third book in DOCH´s CLOSE ENCOUNTERS conference series. It is possible to order it from DOCH.

» Films of the conference's lectures are online

»You will find what the keynote speakers talked about here.
» Information of the contents of the different presentations is here.

For more information, please contact:

Petra Frank, Head of Department, Acting Vice Chancellor

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