CARD gathered the International circus elite in Stockholm 18th-22nd of March 2010

The established and the future international circus elite gathered 18th – 22nd of March 2010 in order to discuss the artistic development of circus. CARD – Circus Artistic Research Development brought together 50 participants from 12 countries for conversations, workshops and performances.

CARD has been initiated by The University of Dance and Circus as a part of the work to develop artistic research in dance and circus. CARD was organized in cooperation with Manegen and Subtopia with support from Innovative Culture and the Culture Committee of Stockholm.

Should circus ask the question why?
The circus artist is often supposed to interpret an action or an emotion which springs from vision of the director. Why is it so rare for us to see a circus artist tell her or his own story? The circus is often risking her or his life every evening, but for whom? Why does it seem that the circus rather asks the question “why not?” instead of the question “why?” We would like to thoroughly investigate what the circus artist is communicating to the audience; what is specific about the knowledge of the circus artist, and which methods the circus artist is using in her or his creation. During CARD we brought together artists and creators who methodically research these questions in their work.

From the program
CARD presented performances that had not been shown in Sweden before.

Taiteul, a postmodern circus performance, directed by the researcher Jean Michel Guy, and Muualla/Elsewhere by Ilona Jännti. Muulla/Elsewhere is Jännti’s Master project from the prominent Laban School of Dance in London. » Read more

John Paul Zaccarini: Choreographer/director and dancer/circus artist from London and Ph.D. student at the University of Dance and Circus and Stockholm University. He was a visiting professor at the University of Dance and Circus 2007-2009. Tilde Björfors: Founder and artistic director of Cirkus Cirkör and guest professor in new circus the University of Dance and Circus. Jean Michel Guy: Researcher in circus related to the French Cultural Ministry, the director of Taiteul. Rolf Huges: Research director and professor in design theory and practice based research at Konstfack. 

A workshop with 35 artists, creators, producers and other agents within the circus world were a part of the conference. The workshop consisted of physical and theoretical reflection on artistic questions specific to circus.

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