Close Encounters

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS is DOCHs research forum, an opportunity to meet, talk, share and show our work and the processes that we live in order to get to it. This is a dynamic and creative environment where we bring art, pedagogy and science together to help develop new bodies of knowledge, while also taking account of established theories

CARD#2– Circus Arts Research Development – Circus on the Edge
Conference at DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts, 9-11 December 2015. A conference with lectures, workshops, performances, films and interventions. The themes of the conference center around the notion of disruptive innovation - whether that be through the lens of: Choreographic/socio-political practices, gendered or queer perspectives and aesthetics.
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The Dancer as Agent
Conference at DOCH 23-24 November 2013. This time the focus of DOCH's conference series is on the performing dance artist, with discussions on the dancers' role in the working process of creations and repertory work.
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Contemporary Dance Didactics: Explorations in Theory and Practice
Conference at DOCH 28-31 October 2012. The third conference within the CLOSE ENCOUNTERS series, a series with focus on current research issues. This time the focus is on teaching and learning dance.
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CARD gathered the International circus elite in Stockholm 18th-22nd of March 2010. The established and the future international circus elite gathered 18th – 22nd of March in order to discuss the artistic development of circus. CARD – Circus Artistic Research Development brought together 50 participants from 12 countries for conversations, workshops and performances.
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Artists on artistic research
Artists on artistic research  took place during five days in April 2007 and gathered forty choreographers and persons in the frontline of artistic research in dance representing eleven countries. The participants met, worked together and listened to each other for five days and the gathering presented four international guest performances, each one of them the result of artistic research.