Important information for tenants


Rent includes water, heating and electricity. The balance of the rent will be paid in two installments. The first payment also serve as acceptance of the accommodation offered to you. You will be given payment information about the second installment when you collect the keys and sign the contract. The rent can also be paid in full when you make your first payment. The rent can be paid through an international bank transfer. Cash payments in Sweden can be made at any bank. A complete international bank transfer should include the correct amount in Swedish currency (SEK) and your full name in block letters. Make sure you pay your rent punctually. Failure to do so may result in termination of your contract.


Your housing contract is signed for an agreed period at a time. If you want to prolong your contract period, please contact the international coordinator as soon as possible.

Changing accommodation

There is no possibility in changing accommodation during the contract period. Please keep this in mind when accepting your offer.


Keys are collected on arrival from the international coordinator. When picking up your key you need to show a valid ID. If you send a representative to pick up your key, make sure to let us know who is coming in your place. He or she will have to show a valid ID. When moving out you must return all the keys you have been given to the international coordinator.

For security reasons, we always change the lock when keys have been lost or are not returned on the date of departure. If you lose your key, no matter if through carelessness, theft or force majeure, you are obliged to meet the full cost for a change of lock. Changing a lock, including the cost of keys, costs approximately SEK 1,200 (subject to change). Always contact the international coordinator should you loose your key.


When moving out you need to leave your room completely cleaned and emptied of any personal belongings. Follow the instructions on the cleaning list on the backside of your contract. All the inventories, including the mattress, belong to the room. If your room does not pass the inspection, i.e. is dirty or any of the inventories are missing, you will be charged. Tenants are responsible for their own cleaning, and this generally applies to shared facilities like kitchens, corridors, etc. Every corridor sets up its own cleaning schedule to keep the common areas clean. Typically, the students in the corridor take turns to clean once every week. If cleaning is not carried out satisfactorily, please talk to your corridor neighbours or the international coordinator.


Student accommodation is intended for single occupancy. Only the contract holder has the right to occupy the room. Subletting or sharing the room will result in immediate termination of the contract.


It is prohibited to smoke in your room/cabin and in the common areas.

Preventing fire

It is not allowed to store inflammable material, bicycles or other bulky objects in common areas as kitchen, corridors or stairwells. All evacuation roads and emergency exits have to be free of objects.

Fire detector

Every room is equipped with a ceiling-mounted fire detector. When moving in, you should test your detector by depressing the push-to-test button until the alarm sounds. It is absolutely forbidden to remove or damage the detector. If you have a malfunctioning detector you should contact your caretaker immediately.

Rubbish and waste

Household waste must be disposed of in the appropriate containers. Remember to make sure that your rubbish bags are sealed tightly. You are not allowed to keep bags of waste in the corridors, stairwells or on balconies. Many landlords have garbage disposal systems.


Pets are not permitted.


If you have a party, keep in mind that you as the host are responsible for any damages or disturbances caused. If you are disturbed by your neighbours, we recommend that you try to solve the problem with a polite conversation. If this does not help, contact your caretaker or the international coordinator.

If the disturbance occurs after normal office hours contact the Securitas’ Disturbance watch at 08-657 75 18. The name of the person making the complaint will not be divulged. Tenants who have caused a disturbance confirmed by the call-out report from the Securitas disturbance officer will be charged SEK 1106, which is the amount SSSB pays per call-out in accordance with the agreement they have with Securitas.

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