STUDOCH is the student union connected to the School of Dance and Circus. Our work is centered on ensuring education quality through student representation, and to contribute to make DOCH an inspiring and fun place to study.

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Chair/VLG: Cathryn Humphreys

Chair/Kårrådet representative: Damian Santibanez

Secretary: Sara Pirhonen

Treasurer: Max Wallmeier 

Information & PR Manager: Tuuli Vahtola

Membership Manager: Elisabeth Künkele

Great Counselor/BUENAVISTA/Social Activities: Vanessa Virta

Great Counselor/CICURITAS and REP+Erasmus+SOLA: Jakobe Geens

Great Counselor/Uniarts board+Kårrådet Representative: Gry Tingskog

Great Counselor/Kårrådet Representative: Oda Brekke

All jobs, events, promotions related is to be sent to PR managers in the STUDOCH board.