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For students

Current course syllabi and study guidelines can be found on the Intranet. If you are already a student at DOCH use the same inlog and password as for your email account.

» Go to Stockholm University of the Art's intranet

  1. Click "DOCH" in the top right corner to enter DOCHs part of the intranet.
  2. Select "Kursplaner och studiehandledningar" (course syllabi and study guidelines) under "För studenter" in the menu.
  3. Select "Antagningsår" (year of admittance) and then "DOCH termin" (term)
  4. Download the document by right-clicking after the document name.

New students

Are you starting your studies at DOCH this fall? Below you find the course syllabi and stydy guidlines for the courses of the first term. This page will continously be updated during the summer.

The Bachelor Programme in Dance
» D1026G Dance, practice and theory 1a Course syllabus
» D1028G Choreography, practice and theory 1a Course syllabus
» D1029G Performance, practice and theory 1a Course syllabus

stydy guidlines will shortly be updated.

The Master Programme in Contemporary Circus Practices, year 1
»D2003A Making Space #1 Course Syllabus
»Study Guide Making Space #1
»D2004A Discipline #1 Course Syllabus
» Study Guide Discipline #1
»D2005A Introduction to Research Design in Circus Course Syllabus
» Study Guide Introduction to Research Design

The Master Programme in Choreography
» D1025A choreographic methods Course Syllabus
» D1026 Movement practices Course Syllabus
» D1027A Theoretical perspectives on body and movement Course Syllabus

stydy guidlines will shortly be updated.

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» Go to schedule

The schedule is updated a week ahead. Training times are generally posted for the entire semester. Course schedule is entered gradually throughout the year.

Enter search text in the "Search" window and double click on the search results you see. Current week is displayed automatically, but you may also choose another week by clicking the arrows at the specified week. Under “Student” circus students may see their individual discipline schedules.

» Go to PING PONG learning platform

Semester Dates

Autumn term 2016 starts 29-08-2016 and ends 15-01-2017

Spring term 2017 starts 16-01-2017 and ends 04-06-2017