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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding admission and entry requirements.

Can I complete my application at a later date?

If you are studying at the last term of an upper secondary school/finishing the last term of a bachelor´s degree in the spring term of 2016 you may complete your application with your diploma and grades as soon as you have them. Swedish upper-secondary school grades must be at DOCH at the latest June 21s 2016t, other foreign grades and certificates must be at DOCH at the latest July 5th 2016 and a certificate of degree of bachelor (including a transcript of completed courses and grades) by the start of the autumn term (before registration). If you are to complete your application with a result from a language test, it must have reached DOCH at the latest June 121st 2016. DOCH will go through your application when we receive it to see if any document is missing. If we find that there is a missing document, DOCH will remind you and you will be able to send in completions within the time frame set by DOCH.

What is the difference between bachelor programme and a master programme?

A bachelor programme is aimed towards new entrants at the university and builds upon knowledge from upper-secondary school (high school). This level is called first cycle level. A master programme is more advanced and builds on knowledge from a bachelor´s degree. A naster programme is on a second cycle level. A bachelor programme always comprises 180 credigs and a master programme always comprises of 120 credits.

I am citizen of a Nordic country. Am I required to pay an application and a tuition fee?

No. Only applicants who are not citizens of the EU/EEA-or Switzerland need are required to pay an application or a tuition fee. You do have to show that you don´t have to pay an application fee by sending in an attested passport copy together with your application.
» List of the EU-EEA-countries

Do I have to upload my passport to my application even if I do not have to pay an application- or a tuition fee?

Yes. All applicants who do not have a Swedish personal civic registration number or if you are a Swedish citizen who have never resided in Sweden, you have to upload your passport OR a valid national identity card (a driver´s licence is not sufficient) in order for us to process your application.

What does "attested copy" mean?

This means that another person must sign their name, print their name and provide their telephone number on each document copy you submit. This person, by signing, is attesting that the copy you submit is an exact copy of the original. A friend, relative or government official can provide this attestation for you.
» Example of an attested passport copy

I do not meet with the specific entry requirement of "English 5/6". What can I do?

If your upper secondary school qualification in English does not meet these requirements, you must submit the official results of an internationally recognised test or examination. DOCH must have received your approved test result at the latest June 121st 2016.

DOCH will arrange a local English test to be given in conjunction with the selection tests at DOCH. The local language test is only valid when applying to a specific education programme within DOCH.
» English Language Test

I am applying to the Bachelor Programme in Dance Pedagogy/Teacher Education Programme in Upper Secondary Education and have attended/attend the upper secondary educational programme "Musikk, dans och drama" in Norway. Do I meet the specific entry requirement of English B/ english 6?

No. This programme does not give you the sufficient level of English in order to fulfill this entry requirement. You must therefore in another way show that you meet the entry requirement. The easiest way to do this is by taking a language proficiency test in English. You must tick the box in your application form to notify us that you are taking an English test. DOCH must have recieved a notification of an approved English test no later than June 21st 2016.

» English Language Test

I have a disability that prevents me from filling out the application form. Who do I contact?

Ingela Stefaniak
Telephone +46 8 494 00 818
» Studying with a disability

I am required to pay an application fee. How much is it and how do I pay it?

The application fee to DOCH is 900 SEK. It must be paid at the latest by the last day of application, February1st 2016. Otherwise DOCH cannot process your application.
» Read more here

I am required to pay a tuition fee if I am accepted to DOCH. When must I pay it and how?

DOCH has to communicate with the Swedish Migration Board the names of the students who have paid their tuition fees, so that they can start the process of residency permits before the autumn term starts. You have to pay the whole tuition fee for the first term so that DOCH has received the tuition fee no later than June 2nd 2016.
» How to pay tuition fee to DOCH

Apply for a Scholarship:

If you are a third-country applicant to a master programme, depending on which country you are citizen of, you can apply for a scholarship at the website Study in Sweden. More information on what programmes are accepted by the Swedish Institute will be published on their website in mid-December.
» Information on rules and the application dates

Why is the tuition fee so expensive?

The fees are set based on the actual price of a study place. DOCH may not, according to law, subsidize the tuition fees.
» Information on the implementation of tuition fees in Sweden

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