General entry requirements

Assessment of prior learning/application for exemption

There are two ways to show that your prior learning correspond to general entry requirements on a Bachelor´s level.

Working experience and grades from specific subjects

DOCH first compares your application with the recommendations of The Association of Swedish Higher Education in Sweden (SUHF).

If you can show that you have the following grades and professional experience DOCH can validate your prior learning:

Lowest score of Pass or E in the following courses from the Swedish Upper Secondary School:

  • Swedish/Swedish as a second language 1, 2 and 3
  • English 5 and 6
  • Mathematics 1a, b or c
  • Civic studies or civic studies 1b 1a1 or 1a2

You should also have three years of working experience after the age of 19 and it should be at least on half time.

For programmes where Swedish is not the instruction language, knowledge in Swedish is not compulsory

Individual assessment

If you do not have the courses and working experience which SUHF recommends, DOCH will make an individual assessment of your prior learning.

For your application for recognition of prior learning/ application for exemption, you should send in:


  • A letter in which you apply for recognition of prior learning/exemption and justify why you think you will cope with the studies.
  1. The CV that you submit with your application has to be detailed and supported by attachments. You can support your CV with certificates from employers, or others who you have worked with, programmes, reviews, or similar. The CV should contain your professional experience within the art field, but also other professional experiences that can give the generic knowledge formulated in the goals of upper secondary school (see below). You should also describe and send in certificates for any training/courses that you’ve participated in.

If you don't have the grades and the professional experience that SUHF recommends DOCH will invite you to take a test at DOCH, after the last date of application. You will receive information on how the test will be done. DOCH will assess your prior learning or the possibility to give you an exemption from how you demonstrate that you can use your skills in comparison to the generic skills that are described below. We will make an overall assessment of your letter, the merits you show in your CV and how you've solved the task.

What is important to show for the general entry requirements?

In upper secondary school one learns subject knowledge and generic skills, namely, how to put the subject knowledge to use. The generic skills are especially important for studies at the university level. One example of a generic skill is to be able to find and assess information. When we read your application for recognition of prior learning/petition for exemptions from general entry requirements, we will, in particular, assess that you can:

  • formulate, analyse and examine assumptions and solve problems
  • reflect upon your experiences and your own way of learning,
  • critically examine and evaluate statements and conditions, and
  • solve practical problems and tasks
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