Peter Mills

Student at the MA in Choreography between 2012-2014

Three reasons to do a MA in Choreography?

1. To be the action you wish to see in your world. The MA in Choreography gives you the ability to dream and to act out those dreams.

2. To challenge and find new kinds of values and functions within differing kinds of systems.

3. To allow you to write and read, to listen and speak, to act and perceive at the same time.

What can choreography do?

Choreography always starts by saying "I don't know" or perhaps "I cannot know, but hell I'm going to try anyway" making it one of the most realistic MAs one could do.

Choreography is the study of free will. How does one choose? Does one choose? Does one have choice? The MA in Choreography studies the start before the act or the act before the start.

Choreography is political and socially one of the most exciting fields as it is the investigation and negotiation of self and otherness, which is desperately sought after in a time when policing of the mind and body is a constant occurrence. The MA in Choreography at DOCH fuels the investigation by broadening the field for a rich and discursive environment, both practically and theoretically.

What is your background?

My background is dance, musical theatre, physical theatre, live art, performance art, choreography, dance making, aerobics, ballet, Cunningham, Graham, modern, contemporary, activism and more I guess. But my background isn't important. What i'm doing now is.

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