Caroline Pyo Soon Byström

Student at the MA in Choreography between 2012-2014

Three reasons to do a MA in Choreography?

1. To change choreography!
you don't need to be the smartest one in the room
you might be working on how to initiate rather than to propose

It also makes you aware of when you are being asked to extract surplus value - asking for your information/input/thoughts, comments, feelings, concerns to anybody at any given time. ERASE. Go back. Float. Through. WIth. On. And. For. In.

2. You'll encounter possibilities to alter the field by entering a sort of an enemy (the institution) and with your expertise, background, knowledge, intuition and sharpness produce constant rumbles not only in the stomach but in the whole inorganic body of people because they have never seen anything like the work you are working on with/out your colleagues. And you will change the field not because you chose to enter the enemy but because you are constructing an altar with your organs - everyday, having erased the word productive from your vocabulary ages ago and putting food on the table. You don't care about living in the city center because its coolness and because you wish to hang out with hipsters, no you have an entirely different leg to hop on and thats your card: ace! Go with it.

Sharpen your arguments and question everything, whilst working work that does not look like it could be sold to anyone. On any grounds. At times you might call it research. And otherwise you are simply ahead of your time!! ;- )

3. You wish to work, be, live, make friends in a new context in a country called Sweden. You will have lectures and workshops with amazing people like Myriam Van Imschoot, Litó Walkey, Anna Efraimsson and Sandra Noeth. You get a locker (probably the most stable thing for storing your stuff you've had for years/since you decided to go into the field of choreography/performance/dance.) You'll have a fridge and familiarize with the sound of door-openers since you'll need a beep to come into all rooms except the kitchen.. did I forget something?

You probably will visit Finland more than twice. If you tend to get sea-sick prepare yourself! It is also an extremely pleasant trip!


What can choreography do?

Choreography with(out/only) choreographer(s)

Makes you even more stranger with strangers than you already are.
Saying that as an ultimately good thing.

What is your background?

I am a Swedish artist, choreographer and dancer living and working in Stockholm. I graduated in 2010 with a Major in Dance from SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Austria). During 2011 I studied at the Institute for Applied Theatre Science, Giessen and moved back to Sweden in 2012 to do the MA in Choreography at DOCH. I have been granted several scholarships, i.e. danceWEB Europe, and am currently writing from Fleetstreet residency in Hamburg together with artists/producers/performers Nina Djekic and Jean-L

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