The receivers of the 2012 Sophie Hulthén Circus Grant:

Quim Giron and ”SISTERS”: Valia Beauvieux, Mikkel Hobitz Filtenborg and Pablo de Rada Moniz

Motivation of the jury for Quim Giron
- handstand, dance acrobatics, clowning

Risk taking is the core of circus. You train physics to deal with bodily risks, you train mentally for the same reason. With the artistic challenge that appears in the meeting with the audience you face yet another risk: the risk to flop, to fail in the eyes of the beholder. Quim Giron is, without a doubt, a great artist who takes risks and manages to catch the moment over and over again. He improvises, invents and plays around on a high technical and artistic level, never loosing the attention of the audience. His artistic maturity dazzles. He makes us aware of the fragility of the simple as well as of the possibility to overcome all kinds of limitations. If one just dares…

Motivation of the Jury for SISTERS
- Chinese Pole

What these guys perform is something that strongly relates the profile of DOCH: dance acrobatics. They focus on developing a language of movement relevant to their discipline. They play with their individuality as a collective showing high technical brilliance with very innovative and interesting aesthetics. They show an intimacy, a humble approach, sometimes exploding in attacking sequences of advanced “body juggling” that makes the audience catch their breath and grasp for something to hold on to. They challenge gravity with a smile and express with seriousness the complexity in a relationship. They have something urgent to tell… Through persistent research and poetic presence, they will move the circus art forward toward new forms of expressions.

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