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Bachelor Programme in Circus

The Bachelor programme in Circus includes knowledge about and an understanding of the many forms of expression in circus. Upon graduating, the student is able to make independent aesthetic choices and use her/his artistry to contribute to the development of circus art.

The Bachelor Programme in Circus uses the skills and the artistic traditions as a foundation on which to build high level technical and artistic competences in new practices. Through the encounter with different forms of dance and physical expressions the students are given the opportunity to research their specific discipline and develop a personal “language”. The students are provided with the means to promote their own individual technical development through body control, knowledge about education planning, anatomy and health as well as self-awareness.

The purpose of the programme is to provide the students with tools necessary to develop their artistic practice on two levels: On one hand the ability to collaborate and create a personal expression within a common vision and organization. On the other hand the ability to create numbers and performances of their own. The students are expected to acquire knowledge about choreography, direction, artistic processes and entrepreneurship. They will have the opportunity to work with interpretation, character work, improvisation and the encounter with the audience. The different aspects of the creative stage work is deepened through continuous research, creation, rehearsals and presentations of large or small scale artistic productions. Another important part of the education is to learn about safety in training and mental training preparing the students to be able to handle risk factors in the circus work.

The programme equips the students with tools necessary to relate their own activities to an historical, artistic and societal context. This includes, for instance, working with the history of circus art, knowledge about other art forms, the body, culture and awareness of societal implications of art. The student is equipped with tools necessary in order to be able reflect upon one’s own practice and successfully communicate both artistic ideas and practices.


Please note that the Bachelor Programme in Circus has admissions every other year.

Programme Syllabus

Programme Syllabus Bachelor Programme in Circus 180 credits Autumn 2015 - PDF


For questions about application, admission, application and tuition fees, audition, selection etc. please contact
The Education administration offices:
Telephone: +46 8 494 00 850

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Bachelor Programme in Circus

180 ECTS

Application: Next start of programme is planned to be autumn 2017. Information about application and auditions will be published in the beginning of December 2016.

Entry Requirements

General entry requirements for education on the first-cycle level with an exemption from Swedish 1, 2 and 3 and English 6