Emerging Bodies: Dance and Poetry, 7.5 credits

The aim of the course is to reflect on and practically experiment with the new possibilities and forms of expression that the exploration of the zones of dialogue and friction between poetry and dance may invite to. Through a transdisciplinary perspective from dance, choreography, poetry, dramaturgy, music, performance studies, theory and writing, the students will explore an area of research, in which dance and poetry are approached as proposing ways of world-making, creating "meaningful contexts".

In the course, the student familiarizes herself with how dance and poetry may intersect and enter in dialogue, through theoretical and practical approaches of these two fields, as well as of related questions and practices. Through workshops, seminars and lectures, the course offers the possibility for the students to gain insight into practical and theoretical approaches of dance and poetry, and to practically experiment with possible connection between them. The course also offers a platform for the students to reflect on the new perspectives on dance, choreography and performance the topic of the course invites to.

Frédéric Gies, André Lepecki, Sandra Noeth, Anne Juren.

Language of instruction

Course Outline and Schedule
The course starts week 37 and finishes week 47. Scheduled times will be mainly on weekends and in the evenings.

Preliminary Schedule:

- 8 SEPT: Introduction (Frederic Gies) 18:00-19:00

- 12-13 SEPT: Workshop (Sandra Noeth + Frederic Gies) 11:00-17:00

- 20 SEPT: Workshop (Alma Söderberg) 11:00-17:00

- 26-27 SEPT: Workshop (Anne Juren + Frédéric Gies) 11:00-17:00

- 1 evening during week 43 (ca. 2h): Lecture (André Lepecki)

- 1 evening during week 47 (ca. 3h): Workshop/examination (Frédéric Gies)

Entry Requirements
General entry requirement for studies at the second cycle (90 credits from the first cycle) and

Specific entry requirement:
- 3 years of professional experience of artistic activities
- English 5 or the equivalent

Selection to the course is carried out through a joint assessment based on the submitted documentation. The assessment takes into consideration prior education and knowledge, professional experience, or other experience that is particularly valuable to the course. In the assessment special consideration is taken to artistic experience with the focus and relation to the content of the course.

Online Application
You apply through our web system. You will be asked to upload documents that show that you meet the general and the specific entry requirements of the course (for example a certificate, or transcript, of completed courses from first cycle level), your CV and a copy of your passport (if applicable).

Last day to apply: May 15th.

For more information about the course, please contact:
Frédéric Gies
E: frederic.gies@uniarts.se

Sandra Noeth
E: noethsandra@gmail.com

For questions regarding your application, please contact:
Education Administration Offices
T: +46 (0)8 49400850 
E: studieinfo.doch@uniarts.se


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Emerging Bodies: Dance and Poetry, 7.5 credits

Fristående kurs,
v. 37 - v. 47 , Halvfart

Starts: v. 37. Undervisning sker främst på kvällar och helger. Kursschema kommer att presenteras innan sommaren.

Application: Sista ansökningsdag 15 maj 2015. Restplatser finns!


Utbildningsnivå: Avancerad nivå

Kurskod: D1014A

Kursansvarig: Frédéric Gies och Sandra Noeth

Anmälningsavgift för sökande från tredjeland: 900 SEK. Studieavgift för studenter från tredjeland: 43 500 SEK.

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