Master Programme in Choreography

The Master Programme in Choreography comprises two years of advanced studies. It is practice based and research preparatory, and qualifies the student for a Master of Fine Arts.

The structure of the programme resembles a choreographic score that facilitates the correspondences and interferences between different artistic and non-artistic practices and their potential for reformulation. The MA in Choreography creates a milieu for learning, research and creation processes, as well as for the development of choreographic practices. Negotiating and analysing different notions of the body and of movement, it focuses on problem-posing and emphasizes the links between choreography and social, ethical and political movements. It takes interest in the complex dynamics between arts, civil society and the public, and critically addresses the question of agency in relation to choreography. Here, the question of participation is crucial to the programme, including the reflection on the own involvement and responsibility in choreographic and societal processes, as well as in the productional and organizational dimensions of choreography. The programme operates internationally, but also emphasizes the importance of local relations and implementation.

The programme’s activities are shared between scheduled time and individual and collective self-organized activities. Theoretical and choreographic practices embrace each other and are approached as extensions of one another.

Thematic learning processes include practical/artistic, methodological and theoretical knowledge, research and interdisciplinary meetings with other artistic and scientific fields of knowledge and expression. Each semester, except for the fourth semester that is mainly dedicated to the students’ degree projects, three courses are running parallel to each other. This structure enables to make connections between the courses, as well as between different topics and activities and to explore how they can inform each other. This trans-disciplinary approach allows addressing broad and over-arching questions through specific questions, singularities and details.

The moment of exchange and continuous feedback is central to the program: the programme is conceived and designed by the permanent members of the artistic committee of the Master in Choreography: Frédéric Gies (head of programme), Anna Efraimsson, Sandra Noeth and Anne Juren. Their diverse backgrounds as artists, curators, academics and educators are reflected in both the contents and the formats of the programme, as well as in it structure. All members of the committee accompany the students’ processes in different moments. Apart from the artistic committee, the students regularly meet international guest-teachers and artists in workshops, seminars, lectures, labs, feedback sessions and mentoring. 

Teachers in the programme (2014-2016): Sandra Noeth, Anna Efraimsson, Anne Juren, Frédéric Gies, Mette Edvardsen, Paz Rojo, Siegmar Zacharias, Litó Walkey, Maria Jerez, André Lepecki, Josefine Wikström, Philipp Gehmacher, Robert Steijn, Victoria Perez Royo, Michael Klien, Antonia Baehr, Carla Bottiglieri, Anna Grip, Kerstin Schroth, Dalija Acín Thelander, Marie Fahlin, Scott deLahunta, Yusuf Etiman, Deborah Hay.

The programme is offered by the Dance Department

» Dance Department

Language of instruction

The language of instruction is English.


After completing the master programme you may obtain a Degree of Master of Fine Arts in Choreography. A Master of Fine Arts qualifies the student for artistic research programmes.


Selection to the programme takes place through selection tests among qualified applicants.

Entry requirements (for autumn term of 2016)

General entry requirements for programme studies for second-cycle studies (Bachelor's degree or equivalent).

Specific entry requirements

  • A grade of Pass in the work sample showing the applicant's own experience of choreographic work

  • A grade of Pass in the qualification test showing artistic ability in choreography

  • Knowledge in English: English 5/A or equivalent


For information about the content in the programme please contact:

Frédéric Gies, Head of the Master Programme in Choreography
Phone: +46 8 494 00 864

For questions about application, admission, application and tuition fees, audition, selection etc please contact:

Education administration offices:
Phone+46 8 494 00 850

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Master Programme in Choreography

Second cycle, 120 ECTS

Starts: Next planned admission - Autumn term 2018

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