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Bachelor Programme in Dance Performance

DOCHs Bachelor Programme in Dance Performance is an education in contemporary dance, artistic creation and performance. The education provides physical and theoretical knowledge about contemporary dance with a focus on the dancer's practice and artistic process.

Theory and practices, aesthetics and expressions are explored individually and in collaborations in order to provide the student with various approaches towards movement, working methods, creation, staging and production.

Dance Performance includes knowledge of choreographic methods and dance as artistic representation in society. The programme equips the student with the tools necessary to develop as an independent artist in the field of contemporary dance, providing divergent approaches to dance study and emphasizing plasticity of thought as a keystone in an innovative approach to physical craft. The role of the dancer is considered authorial. Hence the study of this role includes articulating the dancer's performative authorship as an active participation in the evolution of contemporary culture and politics.

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Dance as the main field of study provides an understanding of the body in motion as a tool for the development of individual artistic expression, interpretative skill and critical reflection. The student is given the opportunity to develop a language to communicate and document artistic as well as research processes.

The Dance Performance programme develops a broader understanding of how the body can be staged and perceived and how the content of its materiality changes in relation to contemporary, historical or/and socio-political contexts.

The teachers of the BA Programme in Dance Performance are professional artists and teachers recruited nationally and internationally, which among other things serves to strengthen the relationship between DOCH and the field, helpful to the students in their future profession.

After finishing the studies, the student is well prepared to work as an independent artist in a variety of scenic arts. The education provides the students with knowledge essential to a future career in dance as well as further education in the second cycle for example a master´s program. The language of instruction is English.


The programme starts every second year through admission tests. Next planned start of the programme is the autumn term of 2016.

Entry Requirements

General entry requirements for studies on the first-cycle level in higher education (with an exemption from Swedish 1,2 and 3 and English 6 or the equivalent)

Specific entry requirements

- A grade of Pass on the qualification test in dance


For information about the content in the programme please contact
Kristine Slettevold, Head of Programme Dance Performance.

For questions about application, admission, application and tuition fees, audition, selection etc. please contact.
Education administration offices:
Phone: +46 8 494 00 850

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Bachelor Programme in Dance Performance

First cycle, 180 ECTS

Starts: Next planned admission - Autumn term 2018

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Programme syllabus