Cristina Caprioli

Born and raised in Italy, dance educated in Sweden and the US, after a time dancing in Swiss and German theaters, moved to NY to focus on contemporary dance studies and work with choreographer Douglas Dunn. Back in Europe in the early 80’s she taught extensively in Germany and Austria to then in ’83 settle in Stockholm where she has been resident ever since. Cristina began to choreograph in the mid 90’s and ´98 founded the independent dance company ccap for which as today she has produced over 30 works.

Cristina's interest for theory and politics marks all of her work, on stage and beyond. To practice and develop these interests she has produced the festivals Talking Dancing (1997) and Movement is a Woman (2002), the research projects t.lab (2004) and after cover (2009-2011), as well as published the dance anthology Choreographies (2008). Cristina works also with film, such as BODY-interrupted (2001), a commission by Tate Modern, in-(site)sight and 2soon (2005), and with digital technologies, such as in the productions on point(s)only (2007), decover (2008) and cut-outs & trees (2010). Currently she is involved in a text oriented long-term investigation, firstly by the upcoming production The piece…

Her work has extensively toured Sweden and been internationally acclaimed, in Europe and the US, lately at the Venice Biennale Danza, and Dance Umbrella London.

Cristina has also choreographed for a number of institutional dance companies, such as Skånes Dansteatern, Helsinki City Theatre, Nye Carte Blanche, Stockholm 59North, and the GöteborgBalett, as well as for theater productions at the City Theater in Stockholm. She has joined international projects in England, South Africa and currently Indonesia.

Cristina has taught extensively in Sweden, at ImpulsTanz Vienna, SEAD Salzburg, Skolen for Moderne Dans in Copenhagen. And lectured at a number of conferences and universities.

Since 2008 she is researching professor of Choreography at the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, currently running the research project Weaving Labour of Politics, with the support of the Swedish Research Council.

Cristina has received a ten years artist grant (1996-2006) and in 2002 a life lasting artist income guarantee. In June 2006 she was awarded with the Cullberg Prize. March 2012 honored with the Per Gannevik stipendium.

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