Marie-Andrée Robitaille

Head of BA in Circus, Senior Lecturer in Circus
Circus Department
+46 8 494 00 904

Native from Québec, Marie-Andrée Robitaille is initiated to the performing arts since childhood. She showed an interest and a talent who incited her to pursue her formation first at l’École de Danse de Québec and then at the National Circus School in Montreal.

In 1998, with a variety of skills to her background, she joined Cirkus Cirkör, Center of new circus in Sweden. From 1998 to 2002, she will perform in all Scandinavia, in Europe, and Asia.

These collaboration leaded her to perform more than thousand of live shows in more than 25 nations worldwide. Strong of those experiences, Marie-Andree settled in Sweden where she worked in turn as a coach, producer, stuntwomen, stage manager and as a pedagogical director of the circus arts gymnasium training program

Most recently, back in Canada, this extensive and varied experience brought her to the Cirque du Soleil casting team, as a talent scout. Marie-Andree also got awarded with a grant from Quebec Artistic Council for an ongoing research and development about scriptwriting in relation to circus art.

In 2009 she head back to Sweden to join the University of Dance and Circus. Marie-Andree is senior lecturer and head of the artistic studies for the circus program. She is leading the team of artistic teachers, and is responsible for all artistic activities. She is as well an active member of the staff in developing and implementing the artistic vision of the circus program that is to always renew the circus arts, to support the artistic diversity of the students and to achieve and maintain a standard of high quality.

Marie-Andrée continues to develop skills in choreography, writing and directing and remain active in the management and production field related to stage performances.

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