Borrowing from the library


  • Everyone has the right to borrow from DOCH's library. If you are not a student or belong to the staff at DOCH, you need to present an ID when borrowing from the library.
  • Each patron is personally responsible for the items he or she have checked out from the library. Each item must be returned in the same condition as when it was borrowed from the library. Notes or other marks by the patron will be considered as damage. If damaged items must be repaired or replaced, the patron responsible will have to pay for the costs. The items damaged belong to the library, even in those cases when the patron has compensated for the cost.  
  • If the items borrowed by the patron is not returned in spite of repeated reminders, the library will send an invoice and the patron will have to pay for the replacement of the item as well as for the library's administrative costs in connection with the reminders. The patron in charge will be banned from the library until the invoice is paid.

The loan period is 30 days with the following exceptions:

  • Mandatory course literature may be borrowed for 1 or 7 days and only by DOCH's students and teachers.
  • The large part of the films may not be checked out of the library, but must be viewed in the library.
  • CDs may be borrowed for 7 days, but only by students and staff at DOCH.
  • Journals may not be checked out of the library.

Inter-library loans

If the requested items can't be found at DOCH's library, it is possible to borrow them, in most cases, from other libraries as inter-library loans. Books on inter-library loans are free within the Nordic countries. Articles, on the other hand, must usually be paid for. Exceptions are made to a certain extent in connection with the final graduate work. CDs and films are not available by inter-library loan in most cases.


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