Courses for exchange students

DOCH offers classes for exchange students in the programmes of Dance Pedagogy, Dance Performance and Circus.

The language of instruction is mainly Swedish. If foreign teachers participate, the language is normally English. If English-speaking exchange students participate, translations can be made in the class.

The educational programmes within Dance and Dance Pedagogy at DOCH are structured so that the two morning classes (usually from 09:00-12:15) are practical dance training, while the afternoon classes (usually from 13:30-17:00) are more theoretical and in Swedish.

The following dance training is given, on different levels, depending on what year it is:
• Jazz
• Classical Ballet
• Modern and Contemporary Dance
• Spanish Dance/Flamenco
• Street
• Folkdance
• Children’s Dance
• Improvisation
• Pilates
• Composition
• Klein

An individual plan of the student’s stay at DOCH will be finalised upon arrival, in accordance with your Learning Agreement and in cooperation with the Head of Department and the International Coordinator.

Credit system

An academic year in Sweden corresponds to 60 Swedish credits, divided into two terms. One Swedish credit is equivalent to one ECTS credits.


The teachers at DOCH all have a solid education within dance, circus and/or music, with many years of national and international experience. In addition to this, we have a good international collaboration, with many guest teachers and professors visiting on a regular basis. You will find a list of our current teachers at our webpage

Swedish language course

If you wish to take a language course in Swedish, we recommend you to apply for the Erasmus Intensive Language Course (EILC), offered by some Swedish universities, before the start of the semester. The application has to be made through your home university in May for the autumn semester or October for the spring semester. Ask your home coordinator for further details about the application procedure. Please be aware that you have to arrange your own accommodation during the EILC! It is also possible to study Swedish in the evenings during your stay in Sweden. Courses are given by for example
» Folkuniversitetet

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