Photo: Håkan Larsson Photo: Håkan Larsson

About DOCH

At DOCH the tradition is challenged by innovation and experiment. It is a meeting place for art, pedagogy and science, old and new theoretical concepts. Popular traditions gain new meaning and new artistic careers develop to change our ideas about what is known.

DOCH, Sweden’s highest seat of learning and research in the art of dance and circus, started in 1963 and has developed into a leading institution for artistic education. We offer top class education for circus artists, dancers, dance pedagogues and choreographers. We give those who already have a profession in dance or circus a chance to enhance their knowledge and we offer research education for artists – all of this in a dynamic and creative international environment in close collaboration between art and research.

The school has a staff of 75, some 100 lecturers and guest artists/teachers, some 200 students and a budget of about € 8 million (SEK 68 million).

Coming to DOCH must be a challenging, enterprising, stimulating, sometimes boring, more often entertaining experience in a caring environment where everything is possible and new frontiers are opened. DOCH is not a static room, but a well-organised chaos in continuous movement, with the kind of critical curiosity driven research needed to make the world a better place and reality into something resembling our dreams.

Activities at DOCH are guided by the Law of Higher Education and its guidelines, as well as the yearly governmental instructions in order to fulfil society’s demands for education, training and research within the areas of dance and circus.

At DOCH we do not educate for the present, but for the future. It is our students and their visions that will move the world!

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