Laure Guilbert

The first Lilian Karina Research Grant in Dance and Politics is awarded Laure Guilbert, PhD, Lecturer, Chief Editor for Dance Books for the Dramaturgy and Publishing Service of the Paris National Opera, for a highly qualified research application for the project: "La Danse Migrante, Exil et Diasporas des Milieu Chorégraphiques Allemand et Autrichien, 1933-1950."

The grant will be presented to the awardee at an official occasion at the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm the 17th of November, on the donor’s birthday. The amount of the grant is 70.000 SEK. 

The Lilian Karina Foundation was formed as a research foundation to further the knowledge about the art of dance and how it was influenced by the political landslide of the 20th century – from the Russian revolution, further to Nazism and the influence of Indian, Asian, African and Afro American dance styles on European dance. In an appendix to her will, Lilian Karina formulated the purpose and regulations of the foundation.

The Foundation received nine very qualified applications from all over the world. The different research projects involved all together five continents. 


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