Hello Katarna Lundmark Keynote Speaker at CLOSE ENCOUNTERS

When did you have your breakthrough as a teacher?
I don’t see that I have had a breakthrough as a teacher. If you see a breakthrough as something radical that changes the situation. I see it rather as a slow raising of the land.  I have been teaching constantly since I took my exam, and during many years my teachings has gone parallel to working as a freelance dancer. During this time I have experienced a big change - the way I think of the teacher role and of performance, of visions and contexts, of the whole and the details, of movement material and focus - everything has changed. It has all gone through a long process where I have groped my way forward, had new ideas, dropped them, experimented and questioned everything. A few times it has been like a train wreck in a dance studio, but many times I have felt that I have moved forward, and slightly upwards…, in my teaching. I have at least moved closer to a place where I know what I want, am somewhat sure about what I know, am satisfied with my work and am ready to continue to raise the land.

What role has the teaching of dance in our contemporary society?
The way I see it, dance teaching has a big role in our contemporary society.  It gives us countermeasures in a time where producing, consuming and effectiveness takes us away from the type of bodily experience dance can give, at least in the part of the world where we are right now. I see dance as a universal human expression. To give people access to their whole selves through dance is important whether it´s school kids, grown up enthusiasts or professionals. To be strategic in today’s contemporary society, one can argue that dance can be an agent for gaining other things, but for me that is very secondary. For me, dance as dance as body as art as an expression for its own sake is the big surplus, in relation to life, time and experiences.

Why is dance teaching so important?
Dance teaching is important because I see dance, as I said earlier, as a universal human expression. I don’t think that to take dance classes in a bigger extent necessarily is something for everyone though. But I wish for everyone to be able to dance for teachers who give of their knowledge as a gift, not as a template. I would really like to see as many as possible get a chance to be in the dance in a way that makes them feel enriched, stimulated and safe. With seriousness and happiness. As art and in play.

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