Hello Gabriele Klein Keynote Speaker at CLOSE ENCOUNTERS

When did you have your breakthrough as a teacher?
I love to teach but I don’t remember a breakthrough as a teacher. Probably I had one as a dancer or as a scientist. But a breakthrough? I’m not sure.

What role has the teaching of dance in our contemporary society?
The relevance of contemporary dance is growing continuously, not only in the artistic and the cultural, but also in the social and political context. Dance and choreography has become an experimental field that asks questions about the social place of art. At the same time it is initiating and embodying new experimental social and cultural practices. Current social issues such as acceleration and mobility are reflected and negotiated in the collectiv, collaborativ and participatory processes in dance-research and contemporary choreography.

Why is teaching dance so important?
The fact that in the 21st century dance is not necessarily tied to a certain aesthetic position nor to the virtuosity of a dance technique, questions the handling of movement in our daily lives, as they appear for example in ‚social choreographies‘. Social choreographies are happening everywhere: in artistic and cultural performances in train stations, political demonstrations or military parades. They experience the aesthetic of the social order as a performative appearance of space, body, movement and subjeces. Teaching dance from this point of view is one of the possibilities to initiate a critical reflection on the dealing with motion in its political potential or in other words: dance is kinaesthetic politics which helps us to understand – by bodiliy experience - the kinetic or fluid modernity.

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