Performaces at CARD 2010

[ TAÏTEUL ] – France
[ TAÏTEUL ] is a hilarious and nightmarish fable, a succession of strange situations where theatrical intensity, clownish inspiration, the power of juggling, music and acrobatics suspend judgement, leaving time for the deeper meaning of the show to appear later. [ TAÏTEUL ] is an evolving show. Each performance is numbered and differs in one way or another from the previous one. There are no identical performances, and this allows the show to be adapted according to circumstances. For instance, it can be represented in different languages. n020 and n021 were especially conceived to be played circular in a big top. Guest stars can be invited such as the clown Ludor Citrik barged into n05, the acrobat Volodia Lesluin into n012 and 16, and thirty inhabitants of a village into n017.

Ilona Jäntti – Finland
Muualla/Elsewhere explores the possibilities of combining animation, circus and dance in live performance. Initiated and designed by Finnish architect and animator Tuula Jeker and choreographed and performed by aerialist Ilona Jäntti, the interaction between animation and performer creates a dialogue between the real and the virtual world; shadows morph into new creatures and nothing is what it seems. Supported by Arts Council of Finland and Helsinki Festival.

Choreography and performance Ilona Jäntti
Animation Tuula Jeker
Music and sound design Tuomas Norvio
Lighting design Ainu Palmu

Premiere at Jacksons Lane Theatre in London in March 2009. Also performed at Night of the Arts/Helsinki Festival, v&a Museum of Childhood in London and Shunt Lounge in London.

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